The fire department's station has a banquet hall that can be rented for various events. The hall adapts well to both small and larger parties and events, depending on the customers' needs. Our station is located in very well connected spot, Malmi train station is approx. 400 meters away.

It is possible to rent the hall for a short period at an hourly rate or for whole days/weekends at a package offer price.

The facility consists of an entrance hall, a cafeteria-kitchen area and an actual ballroom. The size of the banquet hall is 11m X 11m and there is a stage in the hall. The space has been renovated from the inside between 2009 and 2014.

The banquet hall has various tables and chairs for approx. 100 people. The hall has a sound system for playing music and for giving speeches, they also include a microphone. In the entrace hall there is a coat rack and women's and men's toilets. There is parking space for approx. 20 cars in the yard of the property. To park in the fire department's yard, you need a parking permit, which you get when renting.

Rental times

  • Sunday - Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m
  • Friday - Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m

In the rental period, please also consider the time spent on organization and cleaning. Silence Sun - Thu at 10:00 p.m. and Fri - Sat at 11:00 p m.

The tenant takes care of the cleaning themselves, cleaning equipment is included in the rental price. You can also request a price for a paid cleaning service.

Rental and price inquiries by e-mail:
Please state in the e-mail what kind of event it is. On weekdays between 5 pm - 8 pm, you can also contact us by phone 040 082 1208


The chairs: 120 pieces brown plastic cup chairs with metal legs
Tables: 20 pieces large folding foot table (size 80cm X 220cm) 4 pieces small table with fixed legs (size 70cm X 120cm)and 3 pieces small folding leg table (size 70cm X 140cm)
Kitchen appliances:
Microwave oven, ceramic stove with convection oven, kettle (1.5 liter), coffee machines (2 pieces 10 cup Moccamaster + 12 cup Vendor restaurant machine),  refrigerators (3 large full-height cabinet models), small freezer, barrel-shaped "fridge" (for beverage cans), dishwasher (Metos fast industrial model – washes the machine in 3 minutes)

Please note that there are no cooking utensils in the kitchen, such as pots or frying pans.
Dishes: (can be rented for 100 people, either all or only some. A few dishes are included in the rental price.)
Drinking glasses (normal so-called water glass) - included in the rental price, sparkling wine glasses, wine glasses, schnapps glasses, dinner plates (deep and shallow - white Arabia Forte), cutlery (small spoons, bread forks, knives, forks, large spoons), coffee cups and utensils (white Arabia Kesti) - included in the rental price, cake plates - included in the rental price, dessert bowls (small glass)
In addition, there are some drinking water jugs and water carafes (glass), coffee tableware includes sugar bowls, creamer bowls and milk jugs, as well as teapots, vases and trays.

AV equipment:
Sound reproduction equipment (freely available to the tenant), CD player and Radio (am/fm tuner), microphone, loudspeakers. It is possible to connect your own device (e.g. phone) to the audio system with a 3.5 mm plug (cable ready). Video projector and screen also available.

Make an appointment by email and come check out the space!

Aloita uusi mielenkiintoinen harrastus

Malmin VPK:n hälytysosasto hakee uusia jäseniä ja haluaa sinut tehokkaaseen tiiminsä. Saat ilmaista opetusta ja opit mittaamattoman arvokkaita käytännön pelastustaitoja todellisissa tilanteissa. Ota yhteyttä ja liity meidän lämminhenkiseen perheeseemme! 

Sinä 18-45-vuotias, joka olet:

– Normaalikuntoinen
– Kiinnostunut palokunta-alasta ja taidoista
– Sinulla ei ole ahtaan- tai korkeanpaikan kammoa

Jos kiinnostuit tai sinulla on kysymyksiä, ota rohkeasti yhteyttä hälytysosaston johtajaan tai tule maanantaina palokunnalle kello 17:30. Voit myös ottaa yhteyttä yhteydenottolomakkeella.